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George Maris

Managing Partner | Life Coach Center
(818) 7236069

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Life Coach Center® - George Maris - We Move In The Direction Of The Dominant Thought.  You Always Get What You Know.  If All That You Know Is What You Don't Want, Then You Will Get More Of What You Don't Want In The Absence Of Not Knowing What You Desire. Whatever You Focus on (Positive or Negative) Expands!  Being A Witness Brings You Closer To Who You Really Are.  All Discomfort And Fear Are Simply Produced From a State Of Separation.  Fear Is A Projection Of Lack. Creativity Is Only Possible Through The Extension Of Love And Abundance.

What determines human behavior?  If you cannot answer this question, then  how can you fix it if it is broken?  Success requires integrating Love - Health - Wealth - Self Image and your Spirituality. This is the heart of a successful life coaching system.  We go beyond the body and address the mind.  Where all the software can be found and rewritten to achieve a happy and successful life. You are not the body; you are "free".  This process produces "evidenced based results".

Unlock the power of your "Subconscious" by integrating it with your "Conscious Mind" to achieve your goals and objectives.  Positive affirmations produce "Cognitive Dissonance" if it is not integrated with your "Subconscious Mind" which processes information at 4 Billion bits/second.  This is Long-Term Memory.  More powerful than your "Conscious Mind" which processes information at 2000 bits/second.  This is Short-Term Memory. 

Simply said, without integration, your perceptions filter all of the information interacting with you and the environmental signals based on your belief system which  produces "Premature Cognitive Commitments".  Your belief systems are stored in your "Subconscious" and may produce un-desired behavior!  To effect a change in behavior requires doing something different to produce a desired change in behavior to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Premature Cognitive Commitments are stored in your "Subconscious Mind". Is it not important to know how to recognize,access and change this infomation to enable your desired results and behavior?  How do you become a "Conscious Volitional Being"?

You need to address what your "I can't Messages" are?  They are stored in your subconscious and need to be restructured with "I Can Messages".

Here is an example of a I Can't Message: "You will never amount to anything."

                                                    Or, You're going to get cancer because it's genetic.

Here is an example of a I Can Message: "I deserve happines and success in my life".

                                                   Or, my beliefs control my genes and I control my beliefs.

Perceptions  Control Behavior

Perceptions Control your Genes

Perceptions Can Re-Write Your Genes

Perceptions Can Re-Write Your Behavior.

Perception defined, is the interaction of environmental signals triggering  the antenna's on every cell of your body to energize the processing protein within the cell  producing a physical sensation (awareness).

I Have Been A Corporate Life Coach To Over 2,000 Financial Advisors Helping To Define Their Strategies, Tactics And Mission Statements to accomplish their goals and objectives.  I have delivered and conducted over 480 seminars and workshops addressing their personal "desires" and "fears".  We needed to address the "Dynamic" and the "Mechanics" of Happines and Success.  You cannot do this without integrating the Love - Wealth - Health - Self Image and Spiritual aspects of your life.  The final step is to recognize the "Self behind the Self-Image".

When You Are Confused It Is Because You Have Forgotten Who You are.  We Were born To Create Values Beneficial To Each And Everyone Of Us As An Extension Of Love. Always Focus On "Perfect Love" Which Cast Out Fear And Lack.  Choose between Fear, Lack and Scarcity or, Love and Abundance. 

Whenever there is projection, you will find Fear, Anger, and then Attack.  They are all illusions.  A good lesson to focus on is: "I Am Not Upset For The Reason I Think".

Remember that The Cost Of Giving Is Receiving!

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