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Burris Connect Options: Please See Details Below



Self-Guided Full Access 
$8.25 Per Month 
Paid Yearly at $99.00

Connected to
FEF™ Practitioner

    No FEF™ Practitioner Assignation No FEF™ Practitioner Assignation Full Access with FEF™ Practitioner
  Step 1: Functional Emotional Fitness™ Checklist Yes Yes Yes
  Step 2: Subconscious Perspective & Empowering Questions No Yes Yes
  Step 3: Subconscious Self-Image No Yes Yes
  Step 4: Stop and Replace System No Yes Yes
  Step 5: The Heart of Functional Emotional Fitness™ No Yes Yes
  Step 6: The Food and Fitness Planner Yes Yes Yes
  Step 7: The Trance-Formation Yes Yes Yes
  Individual Coaching Without Being Connected to a CBC No Yes Yes
  Group Coaching Without Being Connected to a CBC No Yes Yes
  Remote Functional Emotional Fitness™ Coaching No Yes Yes

Connect Options Details


This option enables you to start monitoring your emotional state right now. Step 7 Guided Meditation audio is included but will have a much greater impact if you experience all previous steps. 

Full Access

This option has several advantages.

  • You get full access to the Functional Emotional Fitness™ Process without a Practitioner.
  • It offers optimum privacy and control over your data. 
  • You can email or call an FEF™ Practitioner to work with without connecting.
  • The most inexpensive way to put yourself or your child through the process

Connecting with an FEF™ Practitioner


Connecting with an FEF™ Practitioner is the optimum way to go through the Functional Emotional Fitness™ Process and upon approval of a coach connection, you will have full access to Burris Connect. All FEF™ Practitioners are trained with structured comprehensive guidelines which enable them to consistently produce measurable improvements at every session. All FEF™ Practitioners are independent contractors. Please check their profile for the hourly rate.